Q: Lou, what type of vehicles do you use for moving?

A: We run Sprinter vans. They are perfect for moving in the city. Big Boy dimensions: 7.5' tall x 5.5' wide x 13.5' long. Baby Boy dimensions: 6' tall x 5.5' wide x 13.5' long.

Q: Lou, how does scheduling work?

A: We have 3 options. 

  1. First move of the day with an estimated start time between 9-9:30 AM
  2. Second move of the day with an estimated state time between 12-3 PM
  3. Third move of the day with an estimated start time of 3-6 PM

The first move of the day is the only appointment we book with a set time. The other two slots are just estimates and we may arrive earlier or later depending on how long our other moves take.

Q: Lou, I just skimmed through the email you sent me, I didn't realize that you said what you said. We can just pretend that you didn't say it right?

A: I am really sorry but.... not really. Booking your move is kind of important. You should read the email in its entirety. It's not an email from Urban Outfitters, you are not skimming for deals on over-sized shirts with a photo of Lou Reed on it. I keep it as simple as possible, I want you to be informed. No funny business. 

Our reputation is built on honesty, Its not my problem.

Q: Hey Lou - I don't have much stuff at all. The move should only take an hour can you cut me a deal?

A. Our rates are pretty solid. Every once in a while if you are super flexible on the time and date of your move, I can hook you up.

Q: Hey Lou - I have so much stuff. How big is your truck? Think we can fit it all?

A: Most of the time we can fit everything in one trip, but it really depends on how well you are packed. If you're not moving that far away from where you are now, we can always make a 2nd trip. Typically we can fit 1 person's belongings with no problem (unless you're a hoarder or if you're loaded and have some amazing apartment filled with antique vintage billion dollar wardrobes.) If you are roomies trying to cram 2 moves into 1, that can sometimes work but please let us know that in the request.

We have two Sprinter moving vans. They are perfect for moving in the city. Big Boy dimensions: 7.5' tall x 5.5' wide x 13.5' long. Baby Boy dimensions: 6' tall x 5.5' wide x 13.5' long. Only one of these are going to show up to your move. Do not expect both. Both are comparable in size. I make the decision on which van shows up for your move, not you.......so do not even try it!

Q: Hey Lou - I only need 2 guys for the move, not 3. Can you knock the price down?

A: NOPE. We always roll with at least 3 guys. That's how we do it. Trust me. We do more than 65 moves a month and have been doing this for over 3 years. We know better than you...and 3 movers is the way to go. Makes the move go quicker which in turn saves you money.

Q: Hey Lou - I went to request a quote online but I have coupon and there's nowhere to make note of that.

A: That's great that you have a coupon but the way a coupon ALWAYS works is that you get to use it when you are paying or checking out. Once the move is done, just give us the coupon and we will deduct it from the final price. A few things to remember: Coupons do not work with labor-only moves or with long distance moves. Also, some coupons are only good for certain areas. It's your job to check the fine print! HINT HINT (LIVING SOCIAL DEAL IS NOT GOOD FOR MANHATTAN, NEW JERSEY, LONG ISLAND). Another hint, check us out on Yelp (COUPON ALERT).

Q: Hey Lou - My roomie & I are moving into the same place but from different places. Can you pick up my stuff, then his stuff, and then bring us to the new spot?

A: We can combine your move and keep you on the clock, but the most time consuming part of the move is packing the van. If we get your stuff, then grab your roommate's stuff, we end up packing, unpacking, and repacking which is very time consuming. If this is still the way you want to go, we can grab your stuff drop it off at the new joint and then go grabby roomie's stuff. Thats how we do it. We will not bend on this!

Q: Hey Lou - Can we ride in the van?

A: We are not a taxi service. Jump on the train or call a car service.

Q: Hey Lou, do you mind if I follow you around while you guys are working? That's not annoying is it?

A: We know you are on the clock. We know we are paid hourly. Trust us - we want to get the job done as quickly as possible too! We do multiple jobs a day, so we usually have somewhere to be after we're done with your move. Please, do not hover while we are working. More often than not, it just slows things down. And makes us feel uncomfortable. Thanks - sorry, not trying to sound rude, but please let us work.

Q: Hey Lou, I have a TV but no box, thats chill right?

A: Actually, no. We need that TV in a box. I have nothing funny to add because recently a TV was not in a box and we took a big pot hole while driving and that TV done got smashed to pieces. NOT GOOD

Q: Hey Lou - What happens if you break one of my items?

A: We have had very few accidents in the years we have been doing this. Our reputation is pretty good but at the same time, this is the moving business. Accidents do occasionally happen. We provide moving blankets free of charge and we can wrap your TV,dresser and other furniture items but if you have some sort of delicate lamp that is a family heirloom or has sentimental meaning, and it's just hanging out next to all your boxes and furniture and NOT carefully packed away, you may want to just move it yourself. We offer super competitive prices. If something breaks thats just how it goes but at the same time, we are careful and do our best to keep all of your belongings as safe as possible. This is what keeps us in business.

Q: Hey Lou - one of your movers is a stud. Can I ask him for his phone number?

A: Stop being creepy and just let us work.

Q: Hey Lou - What's up with that one crazy Yelp review?

A: I cant wait to tell you the story when we are doing your move.

Q: Hey Lou - What is this travel fee? I am confused.

A: The travel fee covers the time it takes us to get to your move. If your move is close to where we park the truck, or near another move, I can sometimes waive it. The travel fee may vary depending on your location.

Q: Hey Lou, I am a total piece of crap and decided to not get boxes because they are too expensive. I put everything in crates and trader joes bags. Is that cool?

A: Nah.......Do not be a P.O.S. Take the time to pack your stuff. I know it's time consuming but the more time you take to pack, the less time it takes us to do your move. It will save you money in the end. If you need boxes, call our friends at Gorilla Bins - 347.699.2467. We highly recommend them!

Q: Hey Lou - I wanna help! This move cant take longer than 2 hours. What can I do?

A: For the most part, it's best if you just stay out of our way and let us work. Plan on the move taking longer than 2 hours, and get super pumped if we can get it done in two.If you are moving in/out of some sort of 5 floor walk up, maybe we will let you help. The best way to help save time, is to be super prepared and well packed when we arrive. Again, we highly suggest Gorilla Bins. They make the move so much easier for everyone.

Q: Hey Lou - I have been waiting for 15 minutes at the new apartment and you're not here yet. WTF?

A: We are driving a very big and heavy van. We drive slowly. Chill out. We are not at the bar getting a drink, we did not make a pit stop at Shake Shack. We are working. We are driving carefully and making sure that your stuff arrives to your new place in one piece.

Q: Hey Lou - My couch will not fit into the new apartment!

A: Well, you should have measured it. We will try our hardest to get it in. We know the angles to finagle it, but sometimes things just do not fit. If we can't manage to make it fit, we recommend calling The Couch Doctor at 516.328.8234. He can make miracles happen.

Q: Hey Lou - My building is super strict. We need a COI (insurance).

A: In most cases we can make that happen. We request a sample certificate or your building requirements including who the certificate holder is, who should be additionally insured, and addresses for both. It's your job to get us the information and to get it back to the apartment prior to the move. Don't send us your landlord's phone number! Help us out and do a little leg work.

Q: Hey Lou - What happens if you get a parking ticket while moving me?

A: NEW YORK CITY IS REALLY CRACKING DOWN WHEN IT COMES TO PARKING VIOLATIONS IN THE 5 BOROUGHS. In the past we have rarely gotten parking tickets because we have commercial plates, which allow us to legally double park on most streets. However, there are now certain areas where it is impossible to legally park. Most moving companies charge the clients for the full price of a parking ticket upon receipt. We have prided ourselves in not having to do that, but unfortunately that can no longer be the case. If we receive a parking ticket on your move we will now have to charge - but to ensure you that we still try to avoid these as much as we possible, we will split the price of the ticket with you. For example if we get a ticket that is $60 you will only be responsible for $30.

Q: Hey Lou - you sold out. 4 years ago you did my move for 50 bux.

A: We went big time, what can I say?!

Q: Hey Lou - I really hope my mattress doesn't get dirty.

A: Me too. Buy a mattress cover because we don't provide them.

Q: Hey Lou - Can you wrap our couch in plastic?

A: No, we can't. You're welcome to do it before we arrive but this is a service we do not provide. As mentioned before, we have blankets for the furniture such as desks, TVs, mirror, art, but covering the couch is your responsibility.

Q: Hey Lou, I need to change the date of my move is that ok?

We will try and work with you on this. We understand some things are just not in your control. The deposit is non refundable and if you try to change or cancel your move within 72 hours we may have to charge you the full price of the move....but we do not want to do that. Let us know as soon as possible, if we can get the slot covered, we will not charge you. You are gonna have to trust us on this. We are honest people.

Q: Lou, you and the guys did such a great job. How much should we tip?

A: $10 per hour, per guy, is the average – but if we killed it HOOK IT UP!