Can You Transport a TV Laying Down? A Quick and Easy Guide

With LED TV screens seemingly getting larger every year, the possibilities of enjoying a cinema-like experience in the comfort of your home have never been better. But when you get the TV you always wanted, you will have to figure out how to transport it in your car without damaging it.

One of the most common questions people ask is this — can you transport a TV laying down in your vehicle to fit it in the trunk or the seats? Or can you lay a TV on its side in the box without damaging it? 

To help you figure out how to best transport your brand-new TV and answer the question, “can you lay a TV flat?” let’s go over some of the most important considerations below.

The Challenges and Risks of Moving TVs

A TV is one of the biggest items you will likely ever transport. It’s also one of the most expensive electronic devices in most homes. Both of these factors contribute to the fact that transporting modern televisions can be a real hassle, which makes many people ask, “can you lay down a led TV to transport?”

Most people don’t have immediate access to a van and usually want to transport the TV by car. But can you lay a flat-screen TV down in the trunk of the car and not damage it? 

Well, the truth is that a flat-screen TV is quite heavy, so different parts have to withstand a lot of pressure, especially in a moving vehicle. And as you might expect, the TV was designed to stand vertically, which ensures that the weight is distributed properly and no parts are putting pressure on others.

But when you lay the TV down, that can cause various issues. For instance, the front glass is one of the heaviest parts of the TV, and it will start to press down on other parts if it’s in a horizontal position. While that definitely won’t damage the TV immediately, as they are also built to be as sturdy as possible, combining a horizontal position with movements and bumps can cause issues and put your TV at risk.

Another aspect you’ll need to consider when answering, “can you lay led TVs flat?” is how to put as little pressure from external objects and bumps as you go from one location to the other.

If you still have the original box, putting it back in will be one of the best ways to ensure that the TV only gets pressure in the areas that are designed to handle it best. However, many people don’t have a TV box available, so transportation can result in cracks on the screen, bruising, or damage to the body.

Types of TVs and Their Level of Risks

Many technologies are used in modern flat-screen TVs. You can find OLED, LED LCD, and LCD, but there are also other options like QLED. Even though the features and picture quality might differ, the design remains consistent in most TVs today. 

Some models might be a bit sturdier because of a thicker frame, while others can be slimmer and thus more prone to damage. Then there are the increasingly-popular curved TVs that look great but might not be the most practical or safe option for transportation.

However, the biggest factor when figuring out, “can you transport a TV laying down?” and whether it’s going to be convenient is its screen size. You can find TVs as small as 13 inches and gigantic flat-screen TVs that are 150 inches or more in diameter. 

As you can imagine, this size difference will be a crucial deciding factor in determining if you can fit it in your car, even if you lay it flat. The size will also impact what position you can place them in and whether they will be at more risk of moving.

First, before packing or moving your TV, ensure the screen is clean from any particles or dust.

How to Safely Move Your TV

Even though it can be challenging, transporting your TV safely is possible. But before we figure out “can you lay a LED TV flat?” it’s essential to understand a few basic principles you should follow to transport your TV with as few issues as possible.

First, before packing or moving your TV, ensure the screen is clean from any particles or dust. When transporting, these particles can press up against the screen and cause scratches or spots that you won’t be able to clean afterward.

Also, since a flat-screen TV is fragile and valuable, don’t bundle it with anything else. In fact, you may want to transport it alone to mount it firmly in place and not have any other objects bumping or falling on it during the trip.

But can you lay a TV flat in the box? Well, the short answer is that it’s not recommended. 

As mentioned before, most modern TVs are designed to be in a vertical position, so they will have the best chance of withstanding the challenges of being transported when properly mounted and packed. The key reason why the question of “can you lay tv flat?” is no is that most of today’s flat-screen TVs are thin and quite fragile. Placing them in a horizontal position can make them vulnerable to bumps and even to the vibrations of driving.

Instead, you must follow a simple and consistent process whenever you want to transport your flat-screen TV to a new location.

If you have the original box, you can pack it in it to ensure more stability and protection. Alternatively, you can usually get special transportation boxes from moving companies designed to accommodate flat-screen TVs.

Ideally, you should use straps to keep the TV propped up in a vertical position, as that will provide additional support and help protect against sudden turns that could unmount the TV from its position.

However, as you can probably already tell, the process remains complicated and risky, especially if you don’t have prior experience, a spacious vehicle, and the necessary equipment to secure the TV adequately.

That’s why a growing number of people choose to employ instead the services of professional movers who can provide peace of mind and help avoid the hassle of having to transport such a large item on your own. 

When you work with a reliable moving company, you can rest assured that they will take the necessary measures to keep your TV safe and quickly get it to the final destination. Moving a TV is not just risky but also a labor-intensive job, so having professional movers take over and do the heavy lifting for you can protect your TV and health. 

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