Hell Week (Whats with that New York Times Article?)

A few days ago, Sweet Lou Moves You was in the thick of Hell Week.

What is Hell Week? Hell Week is the last 7-10 days of the month. It’s when a good amount of our moves happen. Things get weird during Hell Week. It all becomes a blur.

The goal is to get done as quickly and safely as possible. Our friends and family know not to expect much of us during Hell Week. We are busy. We are busy moving other people’s shit. We are busy making money.

Hell Week can break you down – it’s almost like burning man or getting jumped.

Or both!

Sometimes carrying a couch up 6 flights of stairs feels like you are on mushrooms.

You cross into another dimension!

One of the best parts of Hell Week is cracking cans be it at the BQE, The Den or just shelling out 10 bucks for a 6 shot margarita at SLMY HQ which is pretty much ROCKA ROLLA.

Hell Week is also like truth serum. Ask me anything during Hell Week, I’ll shoot straight

I’m way too tired to lie. Not like I’m a liar, ya know I’m just saying.

So….during the thick of Hell Week, I got a text from someone claiming to be a NYT reporter. I instantly think, “Of course this is bullshit”. I google the name and it turns out this person writes a romance column. I am thinking, “Okay, she must have gotten the wrong number. Or did one of the guys who work for me do some dumb shit and I’m about to get cancelled?”

Good news!

It was neither…

The guys who work for me are great. A lot of them have been with me for a long time.

In the 13 years we have been doing moves, we have had quite the cast of characters on our team.

So when I actually started talking to Gina (NYT reporter), she explained to me that she was contacting a bunch of moving companies about weird or romantic relationship stories that we may have. I went through rolodex and I went through it quickly. It’s funny how much shit I remembered.

I told her everything.

The time we moved a girl out of an apartment and caught her writing a goodbye note. Which isnt that weird until we read the note.

She was breaking up with her partner who had no idea.

She then told us she bought him a new IPHONE and we watched her put it on the table.

Boom she’s out of his life forever.

A goodbye note and an IPHONE?


I then thought about the time this couple was getting a divorce and the wife was sitting in a chair, sipping vodka at 9 am while we moved her husband’s stuff out. “Don’t forget to bang that dresser into the wall…he’s an asshole. Fuck his shit up.” We didn’t break his stuff but she kept sipping. She kept shouting “Never marry a FIREFIGHTER, Cheating Scumbags.”

Two of the guys who were working with me that day were indeed FDNY guys who work with me part time. The guys nodded “She’s not wrong.”

The time one of the guys who worked for me texted me, “Lou, remember that girl’s bed I put back together last night? Well she asked me to come back that night because she needed some help….”

We all know how that story ended.

Funny stuff happens all the time.

The customers boxes start shaking

The customer left handcuffs attached to the bed frame (can’t find the keys)

The customer sees you at a bar, you are kinda faded and they go:

“Is your name Lou?”

They confess their love for you and your company, buy you a drink and you end up seeing them a few years later with zero recollection of that night.

Funny shit you see being a mover.

This NYT article was fun.

Hell Week aint that bad either.

SVEN hit me up and was like “Lou, how’d you get that link in there?”

Dude, No clue.

So if you need movers in NYC,
call Lou and let’s get movin’.